Proven Conservative Leader- Principled Businesswoman- SC Senate District 12

Mayor Lisa Cooley Scott is a proven conservative, successful businesswoman, and dedicated public servant who will continue to lead on the conservative reforms our state needs to become an even better place. She will not be a backbencher like our current Senator; rather, Lisa will ensure our State Senate seat is as valuable as the people she represents.


As the Mayor of Duncan, Lisa has worked with fellow elected officials, community leaders, and job creators to foster a pro-business environment. Raised in a farming family, Lisa is a srong advocate and supporter of our state's agriculturial industry. Her commitment to economic growth in our area led Lisa to serve on the Spartanburg Community College Advisory Committee.


The owner of a family real estate company, Lisa understands what small businesses need to truly succeed. Unlike our current Senator, Lisa has never declared bankruptcy personally or for her business.


A licensed social worker who served on the Spartanburg Foster Care Review Board, Lisa has a proven record of working to combat domestic violence. Through her education and work experience, Lisa knows firsthand how badly reforms are needed at the Department of Social Services to better serve our state’s children and vulnerable adults. 


Earning advanced degrees from both Clemson and USC, Lisa understands the importance of a good education. She believes strongly that all South Carolina children, regardless of their zip codes, deserve a quality education to prepare them for advanced schooling or for the workforce.


An active member of Life Song Church, Lisa’s faith is her life’s compass. Lisa holds strong pro-life convictions and is a donor to the Carolina Pregnancy Center. A volunteer and donor to the Middle Tiger Community Center, Lisa also volunteers and donates to Mobile Meals, Salvation Army, and IPTAY. Additionally, she makes an annual mission trip as a member of Restore Haiti to help teach children, build communities, and support families. 


While she has accomplished much success in business and public service, Lisa’s greatest accomplishment is being a mother to three children. Upon election, Lisa would provide a unique perspective and voice in Columbia, as she would serve as only the second female Republican member of the State Senate.


Lisa’s proven record as Duncan’s Mayor of working well with others to achieve success for the people she represents, her experience as a successful small business owner and philanthropist, and her unwavering commitment to serving us and making our State Senate seat one of importance again makes Lisa our only choice on June 14th.